Event Venues: Unique Wedding and/or Reception Locations

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Unique Wedding Locations

Instead of having the ceremony at a beach, some couples seek alternate, Unique Wedding locations, such as parks or free standing buildings for their wedding. Although our staging works best on the beach, at these places we could provide Officiant and photographer only Services along with a sound system. Our Wedding Concierges offer a list that includes local gazebos. For instance Chic-a-See Park in Indian Rocks has a historic gazebo for the wedding setting and picnic tables for a reception. This is managed by the City of Indian Rocks.   Rather than going to separate places for the wedding and reception some Banquet Halls, such as the Largo Feed Store could double as  both. The wedding could take place on the steps and the reception inside.

Other Possibilities

Abercrombie Park in St Petersburg has giant trees near the bay; however there is no area for reception are no tables or shelters for a reception. Other park settings throughout Pinellas County, are terrific for weddings in combination with casual gatherings. The Andrews Memorial Chapel in Dunedin is one of the only chapels in Pinellas County. At either location, we could provide Officiant and photographer only services.


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Beach Wedding Locations

Beach Wedding Locations

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